Day 9

Astoria, OR to Seaside St Pk, WA
$32 :: Postage, breakfast, snacks, campsite
73.75 mi :: 9.23 hr :: 35 mph :: 7.8 mph :: 603.9 mi

I meant for this to be an easy day. Now I’m exhausted.

I did manage to send the package, using the back door of the PO again. Yippie!

Didn’t find a place to get online – holiday. So I took off. It poured on me, re-wetting my newly dried gear, and I pounded back a few miles during that.

Had lunch waiting for the ferry. That was fun. Saw the Hyundai Commander freighter making way.

The County Line campground I had scoped out was packed and not too nice. So I pushed on, into more rain and no camping opportunities. Finally I gave up and headed for the nearest state park. I made it – good night.

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