Day 8

Ecola St Pk, OR to Astoria, OR
$75 :: room, food, laundry
30.11 mi :: 3.46 hr :: 30.7 mph :: 7.9 mph :: 530.2 mi

Had to break camp in medium-heavy rain today. Several downpours through the morning.

Seaside is one of the nicest towns I’ve seen – must be very wealthy. Beautiful homes along a great wide beach. A fair place to bid the Pacific farewell.

Wide awake while riding through the hills, watching the rain fall on the forests and fields. A family watched a young colt learning to run beside its mother.

Came into Astoria alongside a huge freighter on the Columbia, we passed the long Astoria bridge together.

Drying things out in the hotel room, got the package ok. Doing laundry, I worked up the guts to make conversation with a stunning blonde woman. She was preparing for a backpack trip, loved distance hiking, loved the mountains. The woman of my dreams. Kirah Solomon. I all but proposed to her. She followed her boyfriend to Astoria from Colorado.

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