Day 1


Arcata, CA to Prarie Creek State Park, CA
57.8 mi :: 57.8 mi

Awake early, feelings of fear subsided, esp. after talking w/ Dad. Beautiful day, enthusiastic start. Soon lose map from front pocket, ride back & forth searching but don’t find it. Spirit of exploration prevails, I don’t need it. Not used to the weight, I fall over once while stopping. A bit of freeway riding, and no-shoulder is scary, but the rest is grand. Glad for the flag and blinkers. Nervous once finding a place to pee – not used to the outdoor life yet.


Looking over the ocean, struck with the thought that this is where my country ends. Japan & Asia are over there. Are they beyond reach? Beyond imagining? One hill poops me out – I need ice cream and rest to recover. Worry I will go over budget buying snacks & food.


The redwoods are tall mountains twisted bark. Elk here are supposed to be the biggest, but don’t match my memory of those in the Jemez Mts.

Meet some nice Germans touring. Going south. Good news – cheap hiker/biker campgrounds are abundant.

Very tired at sundown. Feeling good.

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