Day 94 on

Mike Higgins

If you’re curious, our lucky streak continued. After 4 miles we were picked up by Mike and Karen Higgins in one of their two red Mazda RX7’s. These people put us up, loaned us a car, shared their wine, invited us to help create wonderful feasts in the kitchen, gave us rides at 3:30 am, and so contributed immeasurably to the end of this trip and the beginning of the next one.

Our oath was signed at Hyatt Lake Resort. Pete & I, if we’re still among the living, will walk from California to Canada starting July 19th, 2019, my 46th birthday.

On this particular birthday Pete & I fulfilled an almost necessary dream – to see Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, play live. Ashley came up from Seiad Valley so we got to thank him again.

By the end of the summer I had reunited with my girlfriend Camella, and we were off to Chicago in a van full of our belongings to begin a new phase of life.

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