Day 86 (Pete)

At the end of a long shitty day my spirits rise so much as we stop that it is really hard to recount it in a proper negative fashion. My foot pain has been compounding due to the pack weight. It makes the rest of my sympathetically tired. Soon enough, the weight will be eaten. Hell, soon enough we’ll be passed out dead drunk at Hyatt Lake.

We winded south west, west, north west, and north today. The trail is still following the divide and its meandering coarse. Mountainsides are heavily scarred with roads and clear cutting. General rape. I hope this here piece of paper didn’t used to be part of what sat on one of those stumps. Well, it came from some stump somewhere.

About half an hour ago a black bear cub charged ten feet up a nearby tree. Stunned, I stood ready to react to mom. We looked at each other in the face for a moment. Sensing my hesitation, he bolted off the tree and through the thicket. I was always told that if chased by a bear run down hill as their stubby front legs prevents them from gaining and downhill momentum. That little cup took off strain down slope at about thirty miles an hour. It was a really nice encounter. Regardless, we’ve got a pile of rocks ready in case it wants to get better acquainted tonight. I’m going to drift off and get some rest for my graduation ceremony tomorrow.

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