Day 48 (Tape)

Dylan: This is the evening of June 2nd. And we are now spreading our sleeping bags in a much different environment from last night. Ah, well, Pete what would you say is different about this spot as compared with last night?

Pete: There’s no snow on the ground, first of all. (laugh) The stars aren’t as bright, cause there’s lights from the little town of Independence not too far away. Um, more of a desert climate, we got some sagebrush, sand, and it’s a whole hell of a lot warmer.

Generally, everything’s different. That means that we managed to clamber up Kearsarge Pass this morning and down into Onion Valley. Caught a ride with some ah, the wife of a departing backpacker with no problem at all into Independence. And ah, hung out in Independence. It was a much different hangout than usual, I’d say. Would you agree with that?

Pete: Somewhat, yeah. Some elements were the same, like ah repeated trips to the store.

Dylan: Yeah, there were repeated trips to the store but what was different was that we also, in addition to consuming store goods, we ate our pack lunch.

Pete: Oh, yeah, and our pack dinner.

Dylan: Which I would say drastically reduced the amount of spending.

Pete: Yup. Certainly.

Dylan: From ah…

Pete: And I wasn’t even dissatisfied with it.

Dylan: No, me either, in fact I felt pretty good after both my lunch and my dinner and the extra stuff from the store just kind of ah, turned it into gluttony. (laugh) Um. There’s, let’s see, is there anything else about the day? It went so easily that it was ah, almost difficult to believe.

Pete: Yeah. It was nice. Kearsarge Pass was nice. Saw the coyote clambering across the other side of the basin.

Dylan: That’s right.

Pete: Makin tracks, up high in the snow.

Dylan: It was quite a sight, distant coyote.

Pete: Yelled back and forth with it.

Dylan: Some more ah, trailblazing, we’re gettin better at it.

Pete: Trail Schmail.

Dylan: Trail Schmail is now the term, go where we’re going, and go straight there. And ah, yeah, tomorrow morning we probably will have a nice breakfast out at the cafe. Grab our package, sort it out, stuff it in the pack, prolly grab, grocery shop a little, then grab our package.

Pete: Or vice versa.

Dylan: Yeah, whichever is easier. And ah, pack the food and head back up there.

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