Day 35 (Tape)

Kay, Monday May 20. Pretty straightforward day. We woke up way high in the mountains and walked along high in the mountains for a little while and then dropped down into a vally. And then up over a ridge. And down in another valley. And ah, pretty much had no problems at all. Had the new filter and we tried it out and actually kind of pre-filtered our water with a bandana and a nylon around the filter and everything seemed to be working really good. And ah, we keep finding hats along the trail. Especially hats, but other little junk too. Pete usually finds em cause he’s in front. But ah, for a long time I’ve been wearing a hat that says Arrowhead Auto Sales. And ah, it was a blue hat that was found hanging on a fence post in Soledad Canyon about 10 miles out of Agua Dulce. And that, that hat lasted up until, in these mountains, I guess just south of Walker Pass when Pete found a straw, made in China, just kind of hat brim that velcros around your head. It didn’t have any ads on it, so I liked it better. And ah, I’ve been wearing that ever since, but today we found like a camoflage army hat with ear flaps and the whole bit. And ah, that was our third hat so far. But it got left behind, cause neither of us wanted it. And we also found a clip-on canteen which got left behind as well. So those were the major events of the day (laugh). We climbed back up to the crest and we saw Ridgecrest. At that point, ah, that’s two days in row actually I’ve eaten a big lunch, then taken a big drink of water and headed up a big. And my stomach just starts crying out in misery. And ah, I had to stop a couple times and take a dump, take a couple Pepto Bismol. And kind of ride out the storm. And usually that fixes it right up. But its kind of a pain, I’m gonna have to learn how not to do that, cause it’s uncomfortable. But ah, we kind of came down very slowly into this huge campground with like 37 sites or something like that. And its totally empty. Its in a beautiful spot. The faucets are on. Who knows why people go to the places they go to camp? Nobody’s here, but we’ve found people crammed into the ugliest spots you can image. So we’ve got the place to ourselves, we’re about to go to bed. This could be our last night sleeping outdoors for awhile. Since tomorrow ah, evening we should hit Kennedy Meadows after about 20.9 miles. So ah, that’s a big deal. The mountains are beautiful. I’m loving the moments, and ah, just basically enjoying being around trees and up in the, up in the clear skies and clean air. Bout it for today.

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