Day 33 (Pete)

The fest of gluttony last night paid off. Our packs have dropped to a reasonable weight. It started me off in good spirits. Two factors, however, soon made me think that the seven day struggle was going to continue to be an appropriate title. A soft sandy trail and wind. There is nothing quite as daunting as slogging up soft sandy ridges while being continually hammered by fifty to sixty mile per hour gusts. For hours we were repeatedly tossed a few feet in various directions according to the blasts. At one point my clip on shades instantaneously ripped off my glasses. Barely, out of the corner of my eye, I saw them fly up and over the ridge never to be seen again. I hope it stays overcast all the way to the next resuppply. Dyl called the wind, “Intense hairstyling.”

Miles did go by quickly. A 1500 ft. climb up Skinner Peak at the end of the day really wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it didn’t even end up being the end of the day. We tacked on a few more miles for a total of twenty three. We’re as tired as last night, and its just as late; but, we are satisfied and fulfilled by the days events.

The fuel supply is getting low from water boiling. After a stellar bit of Dyl’s commando navigating down cow paths through a dry wash, we sat and drank boiled cow pond water in the noonday desert sun. Hopefully Mom is dropping off a new filter at Walker Pass fourteen miles up the trail. Go Mom! If not, we will have a frustrating and time consuming hitchhike to pick one up. Even with a filter at the pass we may run out of fuel. In such a case I think our dehydrated dinners will be reduced to food input slot A status. Hope it lasts! Brad and Betsy must have hitched around the desert. Their trail register notations tell us that, once again, they are up ahead. We are steadily gaining ground and expect to see them tomorrow. Maybe we can bum some gas. Our camp contains just enough level ground for the both of us yet it is accommodating. We are warm and cozy clothed in fleece and wind gear inside our sleeping bags with mittens and hats on.

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