Day 28 (Tape)

Antelope Valley (continuing description) And ah, gettin up really early this morning expectin ta , ta hit the desert pretty quickly. Then we walked down the road for a little w ays, and we hit a little seasonal creek so we pumped, ah, filtered out some more water. And ah, then we started goin through the Cajon Ranch section, which was the part we didn’t have a map for. There was a sign there, givin all the rules for goin through the ranch. It’s like, the trail was just barely skirting the inside boundary of the ranch. You don’t get in too far, and they totally kept i t on the foothills most of the way through, so we’re just climbing hills and con touring most of the way, instead of going straight down the road. And, that was kinda frustrating. And ah, but it finally spit us out in the desert. And we j ust look out across this valley, and it’s straight and hot an, and ah, just say here we go. And ah, we walked out… somebody’d left some water out uh, after, I don’t know, less than a mile, when we hit highway 138. We took a big ole drink of water, an kept goin, and eventually went past another road, and a little school. An hit the aqeduct, the California aqueduct. And walked along that, until we hit the LA aqueduct. And ah, and we walked along that, along just a straight road goin straight across the valley, straight through the barren desert. And ah, we walked along the road for a little ways and we had to stop, cause the wind had… the road was kind of in a little gully by the, by the aqueduct which was in a pipe at this point. And the wind just filled up that whole gully with tumbleweeds. So we’re walking in the high wind, and we just climbed up on top of the aqueduct pipe and just started walking there. And ah, just fought our way along that until the road cleaned out of tumbleweeds. And then walked and walked and walked and walked and walked along the road until the aqueduct turned. And then we walked and walked and walked along the road until we were both gettin tired and we saw this dilapidated old bus kinda trashed by the side of the road. And it looked like it offered some shade, so we stopped here and had our siesta. And I’m sittin in this bus right now, and it’s totally filled with old TVs, old tires, old magazines, old electronic race tracks, old coffee warmers. Piled up high with junk, and its kind of a suiting atmosphere for our siesta/lunch today. And ah, the feasting is starting to wear down a bit, but we’re still eating damn good. And ah, have quite a few miles to go yet tonight, and ah they’re pretty much all along this aqueduct so it goinna be pretty boring the rest of the day I imagine. That’s how it goes, that’s how it is. And ah, so far so good, we’re lucky cause it’s, it’s kinda hot outside but it’s windy too, so the walking is pretty bearable. And that’s it for now.

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