Day 24 (Tape)

This is probably as appropriate a time as any to record the day’s events. Thursday, 9th of May, I think. We’re sittin here, we’ve probably gone 22 miles today. Yup. And we’re sittin here starin at the freeway. (Tired laugh) Oooh, too tired to go on. We’ve got like a little mile of cutbacks and contouring (yawn) and we get to go underneath the freeway in a little 10-foot tunnel. And then we’ve got some rock formations that we’re gonna try to camp in. And ah, tomorrow morning we go into Agua Dulce to pig out and get our package. All sounds very nice. Of course after that we get to start marching through the desert for god knows how long without water. But, today was interesting i guess, we started off in a nice campground. Fairly. Zipped down to North Fork picnic area, which was like this little side of the road place only there was not really any road that it’s beside. This little picnic area and ranger station out in the middle of nowhere. There’s a helicopter pad there. Maybe people come in helicopters, take em to the side of the road. Not only to get some water at the Ranger Station, and I guess the ranger lives there. There’s a fully nice house with a huge ah, like playground for the kids built out in front. Looks just like the playgrounds you see built in city parks. And ah, just a luxury home and dogs running around yappin at me. And I got some water from the faucet out in front, never saw anybody.

After that the day got kind of dull. And ah, we saw switchbacks and brush, and sandy trail. An we went down and up and down, but mostly down. And ah, we crossed depressing RV land and Soledad Canyon road. And ah, now we’re here. And that’s about it. Hopefully we can make it a couple miles out of the noise range of this highway. And eat our last meager dinner of mashed potatoes and vegetable soup, and go to bed. End the day.

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