Day 23 (Tape)

Wednesday May 8th. What a contrast to yesterday! It’s night and day. Ah, yesterday, there’s just, just something wierd going on, who knows what it was, it could have been a number of factors. But ah, the guidebook… according to the guidebook it was a 21-mile day. And we straggled into Sulfur Springs- this crappy (laugh) horse camp. Oh, it was just this abandoned decrepit…

Pete: Ten dollars per unit…

Yeah, right. Well we straggled in, there’s not a soul in sight, and ah, we were just, we were just so tired! And ah, 21 miles, we couldn’t understand, we were both beat to the ground. So ah, we, it was all we could do to ah… it was even dusk, it was even getting dark by the time we were there. We just set up our stove and heated up the, the Nature Burger which we had set out for dinner. And of course Carl had given us a tube of butter, and oh, one of our little squeeze tubes which is a fair amount. And we used about half of it in the NatureBurger, in addition to some nostick spray. And it was just a ridiculously small amount. Even though it was really tasty. And ah, we just had to have more to eat, so we went ahead and cooked up the, oh one of the day’s portion of oatmeal (Pete laughs) and added some more butter to that.

Pete: lots of butter. The other half of the butter basically.

Well, we have a little left, but… and some raisins. And that made a good, big, healthy portion. And we ate that and, did we have a snicker’s bar for dessert?

Pete: Yes we did.

We did, because Bernard had given us powerbars for lunch. And ah, that just pretty much polished us off. We felt pretty good after that again. And ah, we just went to bed. Got up really early this morning and ah, did ah, a 24-mile day, with comparable climbs. Got a really early start and everything. But ah, we just breezed through it. We just wandered into camp in broad daylight. There’s people wandering around. And ah, we feel fine. We just came over like a thousand-foot climb, over Mt. Gleason which is our, pretty much our last hump of the San Gabriels.

Pete: which Dylan dubbed “Mt. Speedbump” on top.

Yeah, Mt. Speedbump, all it did was slow us down a little. And ah, yeah, just shot right down here to Messenger Flats for 24 miles according to the guidebook. And ah, now we have the rest of the afternoon to hang out here and write, or fix things, or whatever the hell we feel like doing. So, who knows what it was? Could be the butter. Could be, the different psychological attitude. I for one did barely an ounce of meditation today.

Pete: I got pretty deep into it once.

Yeah I did it once for a little while, but most of the day I just kinda let my mind wander around. But ah, didn’t feel like I needed it! So that’s that. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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