Day 22 (Tape)

Missin’ my redhead. Now it’s still Tuesday morning, we’ve already had breakfast. And the trail goes up and over ah, about a thousand vertical feet of Mt. Williamson. Which is kind of ah, it just starts at the road, goes up it, and goes down to the road a different way. And it’s kind of superfluous, I guess, to the trail. But for some reason I really get a kick out of getting up high (laugh) and I’m almost willing just to huff up a thousand feet in order to do it. I don’t think Pete’s that way. And ah, I noticed that although he goes much faster almost all the time, I’m faster on the descents. I’m ahead of him right now. mmm. I was ah, not so much right now, but I was just thinking about how every now and then… it was this time of morning either yesterday or the day before I got to missing Camella so bad that it was just like a physical pain. And ah, it is moments like that that I really get the strongest urge just to quit, and I start thinking that the trip is way too long, and that it’s all gonna be the same. We’re gonna be doing this forever. But ah, Pete kinda, he usually after I have a spell like he comes up with something to say that keeps me going. Totally unintentionally. Like ah, he’ll start talking about the, the rites of adulthood, which is kind of the theme of our trip. And how this is really a trial we’re undergoing. And ah, it makes, it gives me inspiration to keep on going. And so do the views, like the one I’m looking at right now. Each one is new and totally different., and ah, precious. But ah, I do give a lot of thought to Camella, and how we’re going to work out our lives together, and I hope work with each other and not be separted for this long again. But ah, that was just kind of what’s on my mind this morning.

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