Day 22 (Pete)

Well its still light out. That, for one, is a nice change for me. Were fucking starving once again. that kind of set in last night. Bernard gave us a considerable amount of good trail mix, gorp we call it, and two energy bars as we set out this morning. Our stories last night about previous food shortages must have been more poignant than we imagined. his gesture was immense, yet , did not do much to quell our rising hunger. Surprisingly, the energy bars do kind of a job. We were, at least momentarily fueled by them. I pondered out loud what they must have tasted like before hundreds of lab hours were devoted to getting them to the sorry state they are now. “Clay,” was Dylan’s response. We have decided that its time to get serious about food. It is physically impossible to carry as many calories, for intake, as you are bound to burn up walking twenty miles a day. Regardless, we didn’t a lot ourselves big enough rations and we have not been buying enough supplements in resupply towns. So, in addition to what we get sent to us, we decided that we need to buy EVERY TIME a block of cheese, a jar of peanut butter, hard candy, crackers, a bread product, a candy bar a day each, a bottle of squeeze butter and an extra six ounces of rice. That, hopefully, will help us out. For now we are walking extra miles. We will get to town quicker allowing us to double our servings with the food intended for the extra days of the lazy schedule. It is WAY nicer to walk a lot of miles and eat semi-adequately than walk less and eat not enough. Fortunately, we are winding up the second of two back to back ten day stretches. Here on out, barring one ten day stretch in Washington, the supply intervals will be shorter. I think that will help out quite a bit. The packs will be lighter allowing us to carry more supplements. For now we have our sights set on hot fudge sundaes every night at my moms. I regret that this is all about food or lack there of. It must be apparent what’s on my mind tonight. The hiking was nice today. Two 1000 ft. climbs. The first was poorly designed and a pain in the ass. The second passed easily. The last three point three miles to camp seemed more like ten. I had a little sing song in my head repeating over and over. “Oh were never ever ever ever ever ever ever gonna’ get there.” That probably made it seem like it took a little longer than it did.

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