Day 18 (Pete)

I read a few pages of the book last. It seemed that I could potentially spend more time analyzing the symbology of the situation than I would ever spend passively enjoying some story.

Its funny being apart from someone that you are used to being with continuously. The other becomes a sort of conglomerate of memories. The subject never looks the same and their reactions to imaginary interactions are from vastly different periods in your relationship with them. The interactions are certainly not all about the past. Many are projections into the future. Taking past memories of someone, stripping the content away, and borrowing the imagery for speculations about the future. There is also a strong present dynamic to the relationship despite separation. The memories and projections for a present which certainly affects how I feel. Its not, however, the same as hand holding. There is a great deal of time to think in a day of putting one foot in front of the other.

From breakfast on we followed Deep Creek. A wide stream that often suits its name. We pushed on in order to have lunch at a very nice and relaxing hot spring next to a swimming hole. There were lots of people there. It seemed to be a popular spot for day hikers. Its really astounding to see how much crap people bring with them for a simple one or two night stay; cooler, hammock, bongo-drum, bike. There were a bunch of macho type mustachioed men with blue blocker shades in various stages of undress. They went on and on loudly extolling the party good time of the San Bernadino Renaissance Fair to some nude mustachio and his lady across the creek. “Yea, last year we went on horseback in costume and we got in free. Kegs of beer, food, archery.”

At the end of the day we began what, through tomorrow, seems to be the Southern California tour of industry. Two dams with spillways, power stations, power lines, Interstate. Today and yesterday we noticed that the general mood is shifting. It’s less of a daily adventure and much more of a lifestyle. A hundred miles doesn’t seem that far. We read way ahead in the guidebook section as soon as we get a new resupply. Something is kind of lost. Perhaps the adventure quick fix. We feel, however, the change will bring about new insights as to what we are doing and why.

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