Day 15 (Pete)

A cold and hungry night passed restlessly. The first seven miles flew by effortlessly so we decided on an early lunch at Dobsen Trail Camp. We cooked with the last of our water. Unfortunately, as we would have known if we had prudently checked before hand, Dobsen spring was dry. The next six miles would have been effortless as well if we had had water to drink. After endlessly contouring along the hillside above trickling Caribou Creek and the dirt Van Deusen Canyon road to town, we bombed off the trail toward our obsessed upon objective.

Soon enough we were creek washed and off to start the festivities. A nice lady on her porch gave us glasses of water and directions to some restaurants and grocery stores. From about 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. we each consumed: 1 chile reianno bean burrito with red sauce and sour cream,
1/2 basket of chips and salsa
2 ice cream shakes. I went for a chocolate and a vanilla. Dylan liked the chocolate so much he had another. I topped it off with a 10 cent peppermint from circle K
1/2 Large baked potato fizzling under an orange heat lamp drowned in melted cheddar and butter.
1 extra large banana
1 well, I had a pint of whole milk. Dyl was going nuts and went for a pint of chocolate milk to compliment his two chocolate shakes.

I also attempted to eat a large and exquisitely delicious chocolate custard cream eclair. At two thirds completion I was forced to stop in order to devote all my energy to keeping what I had in me in me. Out of the hot parking lot sun and laying on the cool linoleum behind the candy aisle in the store, I tried to relax and concentrate on not throwing up. The four miles up the road to camp were utterly bloated and sick. Once there, however, I determinedly sucked down the rest of my eclair and Dyl ate his. Festivities resume bright and early tomorrow with huevos rancheros frozen yogurt and perhaps Mandarin Chinese.

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