Day 15 (Tape)

Alright, well I think I lost an entry in there, cause there’s a whole day missing. So what happened the day after we spent that night kind of close to the houses is we hauled butt to ah, to a campsite above Big Bear. It was dry, one of the places was dry. We hiked six miles without any water. Got here and had a big old drink, and washed ourselves up. And it was still early in the day, so we walked the three miles down the Van Dusen Canyon which ah, incidentally, we’re doing again right now. And ah, we went into Big Bear City to a little ah, kind of introduction to the festival of calories. And we ourselves a pretty good job. We ah, found a little mexican place, La Casita, and ah, ah their food was really good and really cheap. Pete and I started off with a big huge chocolate shake. Well, he had vanilla. A big huge shake with chocolate chunks. Uh, each. And a platter of home fried chips and salsa. And then we both ordered a ah, huge smothered burrito. Which had inside it beans, cheese, and a whole chile relleno. So it was like a chile relleno bean cheese stuffed burrito. And it was really good.

Pete: With extra sour cream.

And an extra order of sour cream to go on the side. And we ate just every last bit of that each. And ah, as well as having another shake to go along with the meal. (laugh) And ah, that was, that filled us up pretty good.

We’re actually headed back to that place, cause it looked like they had really good cheap breakfasts too. So we’re on our way back there now.

So we were pretty full, and pretty satisfied, but we thought we hadn’t really reached Festival heights yet. So ah, we actually caught like a little bus, town bus, to ah, a shopping plaza where we hit the super market, which had a really good bakery. And they had these ah, man, we just went nuts in the super market. We bought a bunch of stuff. Went outside, still being pretty full but ready to eat some more. We each had half of a baked potato stuffed with butter and cheese. (laughing)

Pete: Stewing under the heat lamps for practically a week.

Yup. And ah, nevertheless, it was good, but by the end of it I was pretty full. And we both drank a pint of milk, mine chocolate, and each had a huge footlong banana. And then Pete started in on his enormous custard and creme dark chocolate eclair. (laughing) And he started swooning, had to go into the grocery store where it was cooler, walk down the isles without looking at the food, and go and sit in the bathroom until he knew he wasn’t going to vomit it back up.

I sat outside and I took a sip of, I was feeling like I was gonna be ok, but then I took a sip of Gatorade and I knew that that had topped it off, and I got that swooning feeling too. (laugh) So I just tried to find as cool a spot as possible. And when the bus came the guy stopped and waited for us and we took off. And that was pretty much the end of our adventures last night, we just walked back up the canyon. And ah, spent the night. Oh, but when we got back there was two people camped near our site, our site where we had stashed our stuff. It turns out, we walked over to ’em, introduced myself… well I didn’t introduce myself, the guy just says “Hey! I know you!” Which happens to me all the time. And I know exactly what period they know me from. I never, ever, ever recognize them. In the slightest. But his name was Kyle. He was hiking the trail with another guy, I think his name was Ben?

Pete: Yeah. That sounds right.

And ah, he hung out in Laramie for awhile, probably listened to me play some really bad guitar while I was super trashed (Pete laughs). And ah, yeah, so they’re walking, probably right now as we speak. They were kind of slow pulling it together this morning, but, we’re ah, I have a feeling we’ll be catching up with them.

Pete: Maybe in a few days.

Maybe in a week. So ah, that’s about it for now. We’ll record some more of our adventures in town.

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