Day 14 (Pete)

The Motorcycle guys told us yesterday it was Sunday.

The sun was already over the ridge when we woke up. Regardless it was a cold, slow start. We walked and walked and walked as the sun rose higher. It turned into a pleasant day. Warm with plenty of shade from tall pines. There were several farewell views of snowy San Jacinto and several of our new acquaintance San Gregornio. The trail was continually level if not mildly descending. By lunch ten effortless miles had passed. I ate not enough and fell asleep in the dirt. Our proposed camp came upon us quickly. It was a depressing little horse camp with a picnic table, smelly outhouse, and someone’s left behind garbage bag. We checked to see if it was food. It was probably 2:30 in the afternoon but we ate our dinner after only a momentary hesitation. Left with nothing to do and a lot of daylight, we miserably stewed for forty five minutes before repacking and heading out.

Camped six miles down the trail we are now rewarded with a short thirteen miles for tomorrow to big Bear City. We ate tomorrow’s lunch and plan to eat tomorrow’s dinner for lunch. For tomorrow’s dinner we plan on starting the Festival of Calories early with a warm-up dinner in town that our bodies badly need. Our afternoon activities were offensive and have certainly come to benefit us. We are arriving four days early to Big Bear. At this rate we might have some extra days of sitting around, eating and watching T.V. at moms house further north in the southern Sierra.

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