Day 13

Well, it’s a new day now. I didn’t make another tape entry last night. But it as pretty much one more trip to planet nightmare. As we walked across the dead earth on top of this. But it was the evening hours cause we lounged around our little oasis by the stream for probably four hours (laugh). And ah, did the last five miles in the evening and it was a really nice time to hike. And ah, jsut kind of pleasant and calm.

This morning we’re going up East Fork Mission Creek. And ah, most of the way the trail’s really nice. There’s trees and water and all that good stuff. We’re hungry and I’ve got aches and pains, but other than that its going along pretty good. We’re both really REALLY looking forward to the festival of calories. (painful laugh) when our constant hunger can finally be satisfied.


Well we did, the big 14 mile day. We actually got up in the mountains again, though. We’re back in a beautiful spot with lots of pine trees…

Pete: Well ah, I for one would like to say that there’s no way I would like, walk six more miles. After however many thousand feet.

Yeah, we climbed, I don’t know exactly how far it was, but during the course of the day I have a feeling we climbed about five thousand feet. And we’re at 8000 feet now, higher than most of the peaks we, we lobbed over in ah, the San Jacinto mountains. And its really nice here. We’re happy to be back in the mountains again, so that’s about all.

It’s Sunday, we found out from a couple of guys that ah, we met, who were parked on the trail. There’s like some roads around here. And people somewhere, but thankfully they’re not right here. And ah, yeah, so it’s Sunday, I know that. We have ah, two more days of walkin before we get to Big Bear City and the Festival of Calories. Whew.

Pete: Which we’re undyingly fixated on.


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