Day 11 (Tape)

Ok, it’s friday morning now.

(pete cackles)

I think uh (laugh) as far as I can remember, who knows? (laugh) But ah, we just met another trail hiker named Walkin Jim. And he’s a super friendly guy. Had some good stories about the earlier part of the trip. And I didn’t get on tape cause we were next to this roaring mountain stream here. And we’re filling up with water, looking at ah, 25 miles of dry desperate descent until we get to Snow Creek. So I’m sure I’ll ah, if we catch up with Jim again maybe I’ll try to get him to record something, but other than that you’ll just probably hear from me later.


(totally unintelligible Walkin Jim stories)


Allright, that was some tidbits of trail stories. I think it got cut off right near the end of Walkin Jim’s bigfoot story. When ended with the trail crew with their guns and shovels and weapons and everything running, running away for…

Pete: That was a pretty high conversation, if you follow it all the way through.

So ah, got a little bit of trail lore there. So now we’re sitting, pretty much sitting in a big anthill here, eating lunch. And I think we’re pretty much going to have move here soon cause there are ants all over us.


Well it’s nighttime once again, time for the walkman’s log. We actually did slide down about 25 miles of ah, good descent today. Actually a couple of those were before the descent. Anyway that puts us about a mile to go, a little bit more maybe. And ah, we went from camping in picturesque piney ah beautiful water-plentiful campgrounds, uh 0 huhuh, to ah, sitting on top of this ridge over Interstate 10 and Palm Springs. And the wind is blowing like hell. Its warm though. So ah, tomorrow we get to go down and cross that interstate. We really don’t hit much civilization in doing so. And then its on for another 64 miles to Big Bear City. 65 I guess.

Pete: Festival of Calories.

Yeah, and we’re having a Festival of Calories in Big Bear City. Which we basically can tell that we’re slowly depleting our bodies’ natural energy storage resources, and ah, we’re able to consume far less calories per day than we’re crankin out to do this walking. So, we decided it would be best if every two weeks we had a Festival of Calories where we went out on the town and ate every piece of fat and cholestorol that we could lay our hands on. So ah, first one’s scheduled, Big Bear City. And ah, I’ll be calling you to talk to you then, Camella.

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