Day 10 (Tape)

We’re back on the trail! I guess this would be thursday morning. And the leg seems to be doing just fine. As long as I take care of it I think I’m gonna be able to go all day today. So ah, today could easily be the ah, the best day so far on the trip.

That was indeed a very good day. (laugh) The leg didn’t present too many problems at all. And we ended up just going up and down over all these peaks. Ah, starting with Palm View peak, and then Spitler, and then ah, Southwell, I think, no and then Apache, and then Southwell. And ah, we went kind of around a big rock formation called Ansel rock, I think. And ah, over, crossed over to San Jacinto. There’s still some patches of snow on the north facing slopes. And we got some really tasty snow runoff water. And ah, made our way to this picturesque little campground where we are preparing potato and leek soup. Chow down for the evening. Ah, can’t complain. ‘Cept tomorrow we start a 25 mile waterless descent. (laugh) And its going to be hard. But let’s smile. Today is still beautiful.

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