Day 7 (Tape)

It’s now monday. I was ahead of myself when, I found out, when we got to the post office in Warner Springs where I thought it was monday and it was closed. So ah, we’re climbin’ up into the San Jacinto mountains. And ah, they feel a lot more like home to me than the last ones did. It’s ah, they’re mostly granite. A big stream here ah, Agua Caliente, tumbling down through granite boulders. For awhile there it was kinda deserty but the brush was really thick. I mean you couldn’t even hack through it if you had to. And ah, now we’re gettin into some pine trees. See a cactus every now and then but not too many. Mostly sage brush, scrub oak, ah, still some of the desert plants that we saw before. And of course we’re right by a creek here so some of this stuff will go away. But, the, there’s a fire somewhere. There’s a bunch of brown smoke in the sky. For awhile the ground looked all orange in the light, and the shadows were all blue. Was kind of an interesting effect. You could smell the smoke here too. So,

I don’t know, we’ve been going maybe an hour or two. (gulp) We’re gonna get some water and plug on.


Well it’s dark, and we haven’t been burned up by fire. And we’re thirsty. And we’re running out of water. But I think we’re healthy enough to make it to the springs, a bit, probably 5 miles away in the morning. And we’re in, Pete says this is his toughest day. Day number 2 for me. And I’m ready for bed, so that’s all for now.

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