Day 7

Orange smoke in the sky – there’s a forest fire nearby. Copters keep swooping over to snuff it. It didn’t take long to get back into desert hills, there’s trees around but its still dry. Actually, the terrain is the strangest mix of mountain and desert I’ve seen. The smoke and the potential it holds make it a surreal climb. We underestimate our water and go to bed parched, 6 miles from the next spring.

2 responses to “Day 7”

  1. We are currently camped on the side of a mountain between here and Warner Springs. It is extra interesting reading about your travels on the PCT now that we are so close to it. We walked on it for a while today. Heck, now that we have a tent and packs, we might even spend a night or two out there. We will make sure to bring water :).

  2. Fun! The trail is very windy as it contours those hills if I remember. Stay cool, and let us know if you make it to the Tahoe area PCT!

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