Day 6 (Tape)

K, first entry on the second tape. This is, I’m recording this at the faster speed, 2.4, to see if the quality comes out any better. It’s Monday morning, and we’re walkin through a bunch of gorgeous meadows and trees.

Pete: Big contrast

Dylan: Big contrast to tommorow.

Pete: Did you get that?

Dylan: No I didn’t get it. We just passed a bunch of, where do think they were from.

Pete: Germany?

Dylan: From where?

Pete: Probly Germany.

Dylan: Ger, hmm. German or Swiss, uh hikers. Out doing just this nice section of the trail with daypacks. Big old family it looked like. And ah, didn’t quite get that on tape. But it’s a nice day, we’ve only got, oh, probably six or seven miles to go, ah, before we hit the highway to Warner Springs to pick up our package.


Guy: Not an ounce of fat on those people.

(People all taking at once)

Woman: Where did you start at?

Pete: At the border, the Mexican Border.

Woman: What do you do when you go through cities?

Pete: Well we don’t really. We go through a couple towns, that’s it.

Guy: Yeah.

Woman: Good deal.

Pete: Sometimes have to hitchhike a ways to our, to get to the post office. But uh, other than that its a lot like this. Only different terrain. Mountains, and desert. We just came through desert.

Guy: You see much wildlife?

Pete: Ah, not really, a lot of rattlesnakes. A lot of small critters.

Dylan: Lizards.

Woman: We saw two deer last time we were out here. Right on this trail.

Guy: Does the trail go through the Borrego?

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Guy: And it starts off at [someplace] or…

Pete: Um. I’m trying to remember what its called. It goes through the San Felipe Valley.

Guy: Yeah.

Pete: Went through there.

Guy: uh huh.

Pete: And um, started at Campo, at the border.

Guy: Campo, uh huh. Ok.

Guy2: Now are you from the Northwest or are you from down here?

Pete: Down here. I’m from San Diego.

Dylan: But I’m from New Mexico.

Guy2: Good deal guys.

Woman2: Are you going to be walking go home?

(Everyone laughs)

Woman2: Good luck.

Woman: Do you have to climb mountains?

Dylan: Ah, definitely.

Woman: Where’s the highest point?

Dylan: The high point’s Forester Pass, 13,200.

Everybody: Uh huh. Yep. Alright.

Guy (to Dylan): You’ve got such beautiful hair I thought you were his girlfriend.

(Everyone laughs)

Dylan: I’ve been working for five or six days now on my hairstyle.

Pete: Mine’s just hidden.

Dylan: Pete’s got a pretty good afro goin.

Pete: Yeah. Have a nice day.

[General partings]


Well that was a group of tourists, i think we’re only about half a mile from the road to Warner Springs now. And ah, a good sign that my hair is [garbled].

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