Day 6 (Pete)

Easy day today. We spent some time on the phone with loved ones. Its really hard to convey the experience over the phone. The amount of time I’ve been gone already seems like eternity to me. I’m sure it is but a brief moment to those left behind. Strange accelerated time perception.

We walked a little over eight miles through some really nice flowery meadows to town. Warner Springs is an atrocious place built entirely around Warner Springs Ranch. WSR, as the checks are made out to, is comprised of a golf course complete with cart stables, tennis courts, and a gated community. Seems strange to have eighty-five percent of the town within one gated community; but, that’s America. Part of it anyway. The gas station only sells horrible junk food which was good anyway. It is Sunday. We had already lost track of what day of the week it is. The PO is closed. So, tomorrow we will be sitting on the wood stairs of the mobile home PO to receive a mixed blessing of more food and more weight. Then off to who knows where. The next set of maps is taped up in out box locked inside. Ten days from here to Big Bear City. We expect some snow on Mt. San Jacinto.

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