Day 1 – The Mexican Border

the border

It’s like we parachuted onto a different planet. We’ve spent a long time preparing for this, but we aren’t prepared. All we can do is walk. It doesn’t take long before we have the map & compass out. We’re crawling through chemise, getting scratched and gouged, learning navigation the hard way. Finally we find the trail and walk in hot, hilly terrain until our legs rebel. No amount of stretching seems to appease them.

3 responses to “Day 1 – The Mexican Border”

  1. I think it’s wrong to have soilder in the boarder we pay taxes to cover stuf like that NOT from stoping people who wants a better life!!!!

  2. No! I haven’t actually finished any of the National Scenic Trails yet, but I got closest on the Continental Divide Trail – 380 miles to go on that one.

    Pete and I made a PaCT to finish this trail at twice the age we were at the time. 2019 or thereabouts.

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