Notebook Song

He rode his soul down temptation road
And when he got home his blankets were cold
She ran out the door with a bucket of coal
He said, “Goodbye my love, I’ve done you wrong.”

And outside his home he wept in despair
For letting his true love dissove into air
He swore at his soul as it thrashed and it yearned
Set fire to his house and he watched as it burned.

Twas the long lonely road or death he would choose
To flee to his grave or to wear through his shoes
And there wasn’t much left in his life he could lose,
But his blood it demanded he stand up and pay it his dues.

So hi ho to the weary black crow
Who sits in the garden and won’t ever know
The faceless expression I wear as I go
Of one who’s betrayed everyone, everything that he knows.

And down, down, he crept out of town
With a halo of shame that he wore as a crown
Through the thistles and thorns he tore with a frown
And lashed out at anything pretty or young that he found.

For a year and a day he wandered and fought
And lived through the hunger and pain that he sought
Though mountains were cold and the desert was hot
His merciless heart pulled him through if wanted or not.

And so he came up to a tree
Whose beauty was blinding and magic was free
And said, “What have you got for one wretched as me?”
And he fell onto his knees.
And his gaze drifted into the leaves.
And he whispered into his soul, “Please…”

Where, there, she came from the air
With an empty old bucket and soft diamond hair
And his battered old soul found a new love to share.
He felt his world starting to tear.
He felt once again he could care.
And where his body had stood, just an emerald-leafed sapling was there.

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