Exhibit:  $ 

My submission to the Sociometry Fair 2000 was a full-size, dented garbage can with a large dollar sign in a circle and crossbar spray-painted on it. Attached to the can was the following essay:


What would it mean to you right now if you lost all access to money? Imagine a bank error has reduced all your monetary assets to zero, and just when you ran out of cash. What would your situation be? How would you get home? You may have traveled to come here. Could you make it back again? Do you have enough food?

This *IS* agent has taken an interest in the sociometric perspective on your situation. Your individual task is to interact with a group we are very accustomed to, THE ECONOMY. BUT, you must do so without making any monetary transactions. If you are at all like this agent, you may feel a sense of panic come with a true understanding of your predicament. Don’t worry, you can survive. And you will learn, perhaps for the first time, what THE ECONOMY really is, from an important perspective.

Paper: Strange Turns in Renaissance Mathematics

World History 219, Section 802
Dr. Monica E. Podbielski

As far as I can tell, mathematicians are an odd lot. I’ve known a few in my varied undergraduate majors of physics, engineering, and computer science. There is always a surprise to be found in the minds of these people, whether it be the amount of uncontainable excitement that dizzying feats of logic can induce in one, or the belief of another that mathematics is now obsolete because computers provide all the mathematical tools people need. I think that a statement like that, even if it turns out to be totally wrong, reflects something about our time.

Paper: Anatomy of a Schism – Anatta and Rebirth

Religious Studies 100, Section 401
Dr. David Swain
November 22, 1996

A religion must, like it or not, be prepared to supply answers to common metaphysical questions. How long would a new religion last if it offered no answer to the ever-popular inquisition, “What’s gonna happen to me when I die?,” while the Christians down the block were busy serving up Heaven and the Kingdom of God faster than Big Macs? One can picture the “Out of Business” sign in one window, and the “1.5 Billion Served” in the other.


(11-Mar-2006 Note: I can’t remember when I wrote this, but it seems like late Junior High. My first contemplation of death, perhaps? I’ve left mistakes that seemed revealing in, but fixed some typos. I’m sure I was influenced by H.G. Wells and probably others, but it seems like a remarkably honest contemplation.) The time traveller…