6th Grade 32

Not too much news on California lately, except my mom and Bruce are going there during spring break. I think they’re looking for a house and a job.

I can’t go to Laramie this weekend either. I don’t even know why. But, I’ll try to make the best of it. Matt might spend the night, and I’m going to help Curt with his computer. I’d rather go to Laramie.

I don’t feel like writing a page. I wish you would have asked us to write a whole page yesterday. Yesterday I even felt cut short a little. But I was happy with what I got down. Probably because yesterday was a Thursday.

Well, this is one way to write a page, complain the all the way. Make’s for a pretty boring journal, but it works.

I could use a Dolly Madison Chocolate-Banana Creme Filled Sponge Filled Cake Ho-Ho right now. Some suculant piece of pure garbage would just make my day.

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