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  • Enjoying the drought with friends at Church’s pond

    My dad and friends join us for a fine amble in sunny warm weather. Girls team on the ridge Dad on the ridge Group with me This outing is part of my Truckee Meadows Trails Challenge effort.

  • Halo Air Conditioning Run

    The wind on the return trip led Chad to scream as he approached me, “This is like a whole new sport!” The stay on the trail game. I had a ball. I think the entire run was on good single track, and we had it entirely to ourselves! I wonder why? image This outing is…

  • South Meadows Trail Loop

    I explore another Reno trail for my run today that winds through the neighborhood wetlands between South Meadows and Damonte Ranch parkways. A big dark red tailed hawk greets me near the beginning of a nice loop that turns out a little shorter than I’d hoped, but makes a pretty good route. Red-tailed Hawk This…

  • Merry Hunter Falls

    I love seeing the falls all frozen, though some muddy and icy trail is the ticket price. Well worth it! Icy Hunter Falls This outing is part of my Truckee Meadows Trails Challenge effort.

  • Hidden Valley Loop Hike

    I’m a little worried about encountering mud on these steep trails, but fortunately we find mostly snow and dry ground. It’s nice and warm at our high point due to the current temperature inversion. On our way down a perched sharp-shinned hawk almost lets us pass before flying away. Ann at our highpoint This outing…

  • Snowy Vista Posada Loop Run

    I run in a windbreaker for the first time today! It’s a good day to explore this Truckee Meadows parks trail, as much of it is paved and there are a few inches of soft snow on it. The raptors seems to like this area – I get close to a kestrel and a couple…

  • Dry Pond isn’t exactly dry

    There’s a nice bit of snow cover on Dry Pond. I enjoy a little snowy trail at dusk, my favorite time of day to be out. Snowy Dry Pond Trail Snowy Dry Pond This outing is part of my Truckee Meadows Trails Challenge effort.

  • Evans / Keystone Canyon Loop Run

    This mostly single track loop is really a perfect weekday run that I’d all but forgotten. It adds a little climbing to the loop I usually do in Evans Canyon and some interesting rocks and vistas. Today the recent rain makes everything smell fresh, and the clouds keep me cool and promise more. Cloudy Keystone…