Geo Mashup Customizations

Hire Me to customize your Geo Mashup installation

I enjoy helping individual sites realize their vision using Geo Mashup. As the author of Geo Mashup I can often do this work efficiently, but these small projects can also be bogged down by unnecessary overhead costs. Here’s the pattern I find works best, from your perspective as a potential client:

  1. Contact me for my current rate. I’ll give you a better rate when I’m less busy, since I like this kind of work. You can pay via check or PayPal.
  2. Describe what you want to achieve with Geo Mashup, including any examples you want to emulate, and give me the URL of your current site. I’ll respond with an estimate, or request more information until I can make an estimate.
  3. If you accept, I’ll begin work. Depending on the size of the job, I may request partial payment in advance.
  4. As I work, you’ll probably have more ideas and questions. This is fine, but will add time on top of the original estimate. Each time we communicate, I’ll provide a running total of your bill so far, so there are no surprises.
  5. Sometimes I’ll finish the proposed work only. More often, you’ll come up with refinements or further work until you’ve spent your budget. Either way we’ll agree to stop at some point, and you’ll pay the remaining balance.

This simple contract helps me avoid problems that would otherwise prevent me from taking on small projects, and in my experience helps you keep your costs down. If you agree, I’m sure it will be a pleasure to work with you!

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