Many people hire me to help them implement my open source WordPress plugins, and for related web development.

You’re Welcome

I also respect the long hobo tradition of earning a meal on the road by lending someone a hand. PayPal donations are an easy way to accept any amount of money, which enables a sort of online hobo transaction. If you use my software or I’ve done something for you, you can give me some encouragement here:

Money is like food to a hobo, a necessity that comes and goes, which is why my first cyberhobo business card simply featured my website address with the slogan “WILL WORK FOR FOOD”. That didn’t get me much money or food, but I enjoyed handing it out! My attitude hasn’t starved me yet, so I put up this page as a sort of revision of the old card.

More of my experiments with money are recorded in the hobolog.

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  1. Hey Dylan,

    I am starting a trip very soon up the Coast from Prescott az to Seattle. (Or where ever the road takes me). How do you support yourself on the road? I want to volunteer and make money for the legs of my trip.

    Thanks for any info.
    Dylan Seaman

  2. I have usually saved money before taking off on my trips. On one road trip I made some $ doing odd computer jobs for people I met along the way. That was fun, but I still lived partly off my savings. In the future I plan to try to work independently on the internet doing web development. My wife and I may also look into seasonal jobs. Some interesting things I’ve seen lately are Amazon Mechanical Turk, and Outsourcing to Rural America.

    I met a guy in Carmel, CA who toured year round on money he made doing portraits and other art on the street in New Orleans for a few weeks. He lived on $6/day.

    I’ve managed to keep myself fed for fairly long stretches just by talking to people. Lots of people are willing to pay for a meal in exchange for a few good stories from the road.

    So, it depends largely on your own creativity and talents. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for your website. I’ve been visiting these pages for a long time and have gleaned a great deal of helpful instruction. Been a cyber-hobo of sorts for about 2 years, mostly on the California coast, and life just keeps getting better. Keep kickin’ up dust, brother!

    -Hobo Cynic

  4. Most welcome! If you can find something of value in my old dust, others will surely in yours as well. Let’s both kick it up till the dust is us!

  5. I must say this is the best plugin ive encountered so far, and is by far the most useful and well elaborated google map plugin. I guess countless hours was put to produce this amazing plugin.

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