Category: Error Collection

  • Operation Failed

    Outlook is saying this to me this morning when I hit the Send button. Almost funny in it’s uselessness.

  • NFS task x can’t get request slot

    This one reared it’s ugly head yesterday, and has plagued me for some time. I have a farm of 9 computers that all use a single disk via a Network File System (NFS). During heavier use and testing I would start getting these errors from one of them, and then they would all go belly […]

  • inconsequential errors

    I see that there will have to be some criteria for my error collection so it doesn’t get clogged up with little, inconsequential errors. For instance, I got two in a row yesterday: % IDL –feed-ir IDL: Command not found % idl –feed-ir error: need file name for –feed-ir The first was caused by the […]

  • incorrect data check

    pg_restore: [cusom archiver] unable to uncompress data: incorrect data check Once again my attempt to back up a huge database failed after 20 hours or so. This message is specific, but meaningless to me. I have to guess. Probably the archive file is not correct. Could be a bad disk, a bug in the archiver, […]

  • Database comments may only be applied to current database

    pg_restore: [archiver(db)] could not execute query: ERROR: Database comments may only be applied to current database This message was waiting for me from something I left running overnight. These are the kind of errors that really make you want to scream – a process runs for hours then fails at the end for some trivial […]

  • Failed dependencies

    error: Failed dependencies: is needed by RealPlayer9- Clearly I had not taken enough abuse from the RealPlayer. This is a common error from the RedHat Package Manager (RPM). I found a package to install, but alas something is missing. Not too bad an error, as it makes it pretty clear I need to find […]

  • Segmentation fault

    Not at all surprising that this is error #2 in the collection. In unix-like operating systems you see this error when a program tries to access memory that doesn’t belong to it. It’s like getting the bird from a car speeding by, there’s not much you can do without going to absurd lengths. Forget whatever […]

  • KLauncher could not be reached via DCOP

    This is the first error in my collection! I’m not sure why it inspired me. It is a pretty typical error message. This specimen is of the pop-up error message variety, when you click something and get it instead of what you want. In this case I was trying to start a terminal program in […]

  • When Things Go Wrong

    Working with computers, things often go wrong. When creating software, things go wrong far more often than they go right. Error messages have been a way of life for me for many years. I’ve appeciated the humor in error messages, written many good and bad, and been faced with thousands. It never occurred to me […]