Category: CDT 2009

  • Day 3 – Divide Pass to McCarty Canyon

    Starts to rain at night, still raining while we break camp. Stays with us until we reach fresh water. No more yuck water! The road walking begins, a relief at first from the snowy hills. The only major road hosts RV traffic for the 4th of July weekend, after that we see no one. Rinsing […]

  • Day 2 – Red Mountain to Divide Peak

    We wake up pretty dry! First resupply rendezvous at Battle Pass is excellent – hot drinks and all. Slow slogging up snow to Bridger Peak. More minor misnavigations – keep thinking we’ve gone further than we have. Much snow along the divide, bright sun, and quite a few mosquitoes. Again I think we’re further than […]

  • Day 1 – Border to Red Mountain

    Posting from Rawlins! The phone system works, but consumes too much time and battery power, especially with a weak signal. So probably no real posting from the trail, oh well! Sunny and warm to start, and even a nice bit of cross-country navigation. Soon we’re into snow, and I lose the divide and find it […]

  • Sendoff

    When we arrive at Bottle Creek campground, Pete remarks that it looks like “the Land of Mordor”. The surroundings are beautiful, but the campground has been clear cut to remove trees killed by pine beetles that could fall on campers. The entire region is peppered with brown trees fallen victim to beetles. Eventually it will […]

  • Gone Hiking

    Wyoming is the land of my birth, the source of scars, friends, habits, and fears. It’s a patch on the earth with nearly as many quarter sections as citizens, dappled by clean bright light and dark dreams. The same air that kisses the skin for an hour can flare into a wicked icy wind the […]