2024.04.19 – 20 Brown’s Town Campground, Bishop, CA

I think we were in site #32; definitely stay on the south side of the park next to the golf course–the road on the north is LOUD & people drive FAST. $40/night with electric & water, dump station on site (but it costs extra and was full when we went to leave so we went to the dump station just north on the east side of the road). There are bathrooms and showers but I didn’t use them because… this was the first trip with the Sunray 149 trailer and I wanted to learn and test all the camper systems so this was a perfect situation! Dylan skied with Orri and Aaron; Orri was camped near us in his van and arranged for our campsite. I drove some of the way there and back, and did one backing lesson into a campsite. Fun little camper with all the amenities; now with the combo (truck, Puma truck camper, trailer) we have way more flexibility with the two of us. Maddy is going to have to get used to not having her “safe place” all the time….

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