Rain to 8,662 feet in Lassen National Park

Ann agreed to try snow camping this weekend, and she got to try rain and snow camping! It was more fun than it sounds. It wasn’t raining yet when pitched the tent in the dark Friday evening, there were even stars out. Snow seems to glow faintly at night, and we got set up on it with only minor engineering to make our stakes stay in.

Later Gabe, Aspen, and Ava rolled in. We saw them in the morning.

Kuhlman family say good morning

Aspen and Ava hiked with us to the stinky, boiling pools of the Sulphur Works.

Ann and Aspen at the sulfur works

From there Gabe, Ann, and I climbed past the Ridge lakes to an unnamed peak 8,662. It was still raining lightly on top!

Gabe on Peak 8662

Summit view

Ann finishing the climb

We still managed a fun descent, and returned to camp very wet. The rain only increased overnight, and we hit the road in the morning. A wet trip to be sure, but no regrets.

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