Alone in Camp 4 for Memorial Day Weekend

Ann and I were looking for some peace and quiet for the weekend, so we headed to Camp 4. Not the one in Yosemite, where I imagine climber bodies were packed like sardines this weekend. We went to Gooch Spring, campground #4 in Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. It delivered on the peace and quiet, giving us two nights without a single human visitor. Even the sky was quiet – we heard one big airplane and one small one. I haven’t experienced so little air traffic since the days after 9/11.

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Sign

Evening setup

Camp 4

The spring does attract bird visitors. I identify Brewer’s blackbirds, cowbirds, and Brewer’s sparrows. On our last morning an American avocet joins us.

Gooch Spring

American Avocet

I go for a nice run up Catnip mountain, where I encounter many hawks and pronghorn antelope. And even some catnip.

Even with all that, I think making coffee and watching the moon and venus rise at dawn with Ann is the highlight. It doesn’t get any better, especially as a last weekend before Ann goes in for another surgery.

Making coffee at sunrise

Moon and venus sunrise

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