New trails up Thomas creek

Ann is feeling ill today, so I go out on my own to explore some new trails I’ve glimpsed from the crest above Thomas creek. I’m excited when I find a trail map posted at the trailhead.

Rim to Reno trail map

There’s an irresistible loop shown, but it’s much further than I planned to run. Maybe I’ll do just a bit of it and turn around…

It’s a hot day but much of the trail is tree-shaded, and I luck out and catch some cloud shade on the big south-facing climb through sagebrush. The flowers are fantastic, especially the paintbrush and sulphur flower.

Sulphur flower and indian paintbrush

Flower view

I’m soon on the new trail, and course I can’t stop myself. It’s a great trail for running, winding from one vista to another at pleasant grades. By the time I’ve finished the loop I’m poopered, and there’s a still a few miles of descent back to the trailhead. I barely manage to run it all.

Unfortunately my GPS tracker got off kilter and so I didn’t get an accurate map of the new trail, and am not even totally sure how far I ran, except that it was as far as I could!

Kudos to the tahoe rim trail association for building more great trail near Reno to tempt us all.

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