A quiet Owen’s River Gorge weekend

It’s almost spooky how few people are climbing in the gorge this weekend. We do meet a nice couple taking some time off before starting grad school, and there are others, but not the crowds we were ready for. It’s warm, nice for tent camping and overall unwinding in addition to endless sport climbing. Although I did lead a crack on gear this time – a Gorge first for me!

The gorge is full of life in the spring: stinging nettles sprawling, bees buzzing, vulture vying, lizards lounging, and mice mingling. Climbers clambering are just a sideshow.

Western Fence Lizard

Ann after cold head dunk

Great Wall

Central Gorge Entrance

Vulcanism and vultures

Routes: Alfred Hitchcrack 5.8, Fine Dining 5.7+ (ann TR), Don’t Kid, Minibike 5.9, Phoenix 5.7, Snapping Pussy Doll 5.10a, It’s the Gaaazzz 5.8, Giveaway 5.9, China Doll 5.8+, Heart of the Sun 5.9, Tsing Dao 5.10b, Child of Light 5.9

4 responses to “A quiet Owen’s River Gorge weekend”

  1. Sounds like fun and so poetic! It got down to 25 degrees here the night you tented out there. I may have to move to warmer climes.

  2. It was getting below freezing at night here last week – maybe that cold front just moved out your way and the warmth will do the same :).

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