Super Incline Peak Sunday

Ann, Colin and Steve show up for a romp up Incline peak. The day is warm, the sky is blue, yet there’s almost no one around. Maybe that other super thing. I enjoy the company on the climb up and get a couple of nice runs on spring style corn snow.

Ann gave us a great photo subject with her patented snowshoe headstand.

Snowshoe headstand over Tahoe

Colin got the best headstand shot, and a little clip of me starting down:

Snow shoes go nuclear

9 responses to “Super Incline Peak Sunday”

  1. DANG! that’s a lot of snowdays. looks like your ol’ pal Al “handjob” Gore was wrong about the “GLOBAL WARMINGS!!” or now it’s just climate change.. ho hum.

    looks like yer having fun in despite of the intelligent scientific non-agenda biased prognostications of a man who has made millions of the sale of not only something he preaches against (oil), but selling (feeding) his books (shit) to his devout followers.

    not much snow down are way tho. a few dustings. Olancha is patchy and that is as far south as it goes. nothing on Telescope.

  2. I know cause warming would mean less snow right? Any fool knows that 🙂 And I didn’t even read Al’s book!

    We’ve got spring conditions now. Last year there was a good round of storms in February and March, I’d love to see that again.

  3. According to Al, et. al., anything could mean anything. Even COLDER weather can be because of global warming.. errr.. “climate change”. Like the Earth’s climate is supposed to perfectly homeostatic.

    i am just giving you shit ‘cuz a few years back you stared across a bleak snow-less landscape which by your Al Gorian concept of “right and wrong” should be covered in snow. then you morosely quipped that “I may never see a winter again.. *sigh*…”, i.e. Al Gore type thinking “OMG* The CO2’s are killing us’s!!”


  4. I know, I know – I just had no idea how much influence Al Gore was having on me! Even now I catch myself making judgements on topics I know nothing about. A personal perversion perhaps, from which I derive some inexplicable pleasure.

  5. Well, there is STILL a chance that global warming, thermageddon, climate change, climate distruption, err whatever is real…even tho the entire shell game is based on perhaps non-existent trends. It’s just never been based on any reality humans know about, rofl.

    The reality we DO know about (.8 degrees C increase per century purportedly) is kinda hard to separate considering that instrument error limitations equal +- .5 degrees for liquid in glass thermometers used from 1800s to late 1970s with sample size of 1. Never mind all the “adjustments”, missing data, station moves and sampling bias.

    Bullshit pseudo-science – try getting 3 simultaneous temp devices to agree for sustained periods (years) sometime to get a real eye opener about just how HARD it is to get accurate temps.

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