Nice snow and friends at Third creek

Wes chooses our destination, but he’s forced to turn back when a snowshoe (borrowed from me) turns out to be missing a T-nut. He rides out and spends the afternoon at the Mt Rose ski area while Gabe, Sarah, Ann, Alli, and I continue up Third creek to find some delicious soft snow. I have a sweet run with Gabe and Sarah, but the cold temps are challenging their dog Dora’s feet. We continue to roll with the punches and have another good gentle run out to the car for a little tailgate time. Greedily I head up for one more run before Ann and Alli return. A day not exactly according to plan, but fairly well salvaged. Just remind me to fix that snowshoe.

Tahoe skies

Dora and Sarah

Gabe benched

Backcountry adventurers

Tahoe silver

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