Mushrooms at Pine Corner

My partner Jason puts Mom and I up in his tiny cabin on Sabin pond. It’s crazy cute.

Sabin Cabin

Sabin Pond

Pine Corner

It’s prime leaf-peeping season up here, but it’s rainy and we get way more excited by the mushroom bonanza that ensues.

Sabin Pond and Foliage

Mom & Mushroom

Finding Honey Mushrooms

Honey Mushrooms



All that’s left is to fry ’em up!

Cookin' Mushrooms

After that I can’t stop looking for delicious morsels. Under some leaves I find a pair of eyes looking back up – a red-backed salamander. (I don’t test it for deliciousness).

Red-backed Salamander

One response to “Mushrooms at Pine Corner”

  1. Those mushrooms were delicious! I even brought some orange lactarius home and fried them right up. They were a kind I don’t find here much, so quite a treat. I also learned from Jason how to make spring rolls, which I intend to try tonight. I bought those cool rice wrappers. It was really a delightful stay!

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