Picnic Climbing at Thomas Creek

We choose to stay close to home this labor day weekend. We’ve never been to our closest neighborhood crag, so today we pack up sandwiches and check it out. It looks like we might have it to ourselves, but fortunately Ann hears voices up top. We stand back and watch a guy wearing a bluetooth headset rig a dubious-looking anchor and send rocks showering down. We continue to stand back as he and his partner successfully rap but fail to get any movement in their toprope, climb back up to pull it, then demonstrate an impressive feat of rock-ski cliff jumping on the way back down. We try not to laugh or scold too much, as the guys are both very friendly and apologetic. After that our picnic and climbing seems pretty tame! Despite the loose rock we enjoy two routes and anticipate more climbs here in the future.

Us at the crag

Crag Annie

Routes: Brits on Holiday 5.8 2x, Spit 5.10c TR

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