Lovely Luther Rocks

It feels like we’re really sinking into late summer and soaking up all we can. While huge fires blaze to the north, we settle in at the big meadow campground and try not to twitch too much as campers chop wood and fill the air with smoke. Bliss comes in the mornings as cooler days welcome us to the crags, rewarding laborious approaches with nice climbing. We don’t climb or even find all the routes we’d hoped to, but it feels like plenty anyway. Supplemented with a trail run to Scotts Lake and an interesting character on a bicycle tour from San Francisco camped next to us, the weekend fills to the brim.

Route log: Jane Spy 5.7, Just Jerry 5.9, Unnamed Toprope 5.10 (ugh), Slab-B 5.8, Jonesin’ 5.10a TR, Unknown right of Jonesin’ 5.10c TR, Betty Ford’s Route 5.9, Daily Prayer 5.10c TR, Intervention 5.10d TR

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