Round Lake Loop Hike

Ann invites Jenn & Johnny on a little 6 mile hike that somehow ends up closer to ten. We all seem to agree that more is better in this case.

We find some sulphur shelf mushrooms – my first batch in the Sierras, and a big one!

Round Lake

Sulphur shelf mushrooms

Afterward we wish Jenn & Johnny many more miles of free living, wherever the road takes them next!

5 responses to “Round Lake Loop Hike”

  1. Those sulphur shelf mushrooms are very edible but this batch looks just over the hill. If they are still damp and tender, don’t pass them up! Yum yum. Easy dinner. Did the mushroom book I gave you help with this? It just drove me crazy that you were passing up king boletes!

  2. The sulphur shelf is not in the Mushrooming Without Fear book, but king boletes definitely are. The bottom rows of these were still tender – we didn’t eat any this time but I’ll try to be ready for the next batch.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if Dylan should have a list of “warnings” that he reads to people before they go hiking with him. “Warning: This hike may be 50 to 100% longer than initially suggested. May contain periods of thrashing through brush or wading through stinky water. May involve scorpions, moose, bears, hazardous ledge systems and sprained ankles due to large rocks sliding down hillsides. May require mosquito netting over your entire body. May attempt navigation by old memories and “how it looked over there.” If you hear the words “Well, we could keep going and…” be aware that hazards are imminent. Also, be aware that this hike is likely to be more fun than you could ever expect, and will likely result in great stories to tell friends around the campfire for the rest of your life.”

  4. Nicely said, Kate! I guess after 12 years of hiking with Dylan I’m starting to get the virus, because I really did say the hike would be, oh, “about 5 or 6 miles”… hee. Obviously I needed to study the map a tiny bit closer; and luckily everyone was a good sport about it!

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