Tahoe Rim Trail – Brockway Pass to Mount Rose Pass – Done!

Our last day on the TRT is a doosie – 19 miles packed with ridges, peaks, and localized storms all around.

We’ve noticed that bears seem to like chewing up the many plastic Tahoe Rim Trail signs, but this one takes the polymer cake.

Bear-eaten trail sign

After raucous lightning storms before dawn, the weather clears and rebuilds repeatedly throughout the day.


Me on Mount Baldy

Enteringn Mt. Rose Wilderness

Lake storms

Our last peak is Relay peak, the highpoint of the TRT. The skies give us a kind of grand finale show of cloud dances and rainbows.

Us on Relay peak

Cloud dances

Relay cloud light

View to dreamland

Valley clouds

Washoe rainbow

And with that we’re done! I feel happy and proud of our hike. Nothing left to do but beg a ride from Ann’s friend Jenna and watch the clouds while she comes to fetch us.


Farewell sky

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