Tahoe Rim Trail – Cinder Cone to Brockway Pass

We have only two water sources today: Watson lake and the water Ann stashed at Brockway pass. Heavy water makes for weary feet, and Ann is already using ibuprofen to cope with foot pain. We take frequent breaks to gaze at the lake below.

Lake gazing

There really is not much water on this section. Watson lake is good, with a filter, though I might have held out for Watson creek if I’d known it was running. Otherwise we see no water until we reach Brockway pass where Ann recovers her stash, which means we can camp and continue for 16 more waterless miles tomorrow.

Ann gets the water cache

I’ve been hanging our food diligently – and so far we’ve had no trouble with bears or rodents.

Food hanging

2 responses to “Tahoe Rim Trail – Cinder Cone to Brockway Pass”

  1. Keep getting all this on your blog! I’m reading faithfully and enjoying it, especially the wonderful photos. Ann, I can’t believe you can do this. Be kind to those tootsies.

  2. Thanks Mary! It wasn’t easy by any stretch but glad I’m able to do it. My feet are still tender five days later. I started soaking them in apple cider vinegar water, per my massage therapist!

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