Tahoe Rim Trail – Tahoe City

Anticipation of treats in town make the 7 miles go quickly. Once we’re there we almost feel overwhelmed by everything we need to do – resupply food, fuel, batteries as well some good eating, drinking, and swimming. Sid’s bagelry becomes our base of operations, from which we branch out to the grocery store where Melanie and Alyssa bring us our resupply bag.

Tahoe City Resuppliers

Regular coffee consumption is requisite.

Ah, coffee

A picnic and swim in the lake follows, during which we consume most of a pound of hummus with carrots, pepper, celery, and crackers.

A swim in Lake Tahoe

Smoothies for dessert.

Rest day

We finish our rest day by making the five mile ascent of Cinder Cone peak where we make camp.

Tahoe city trailhead

View back to twin peaks

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