Tahoe Rim Trail – Big Meadow to Echo Pass

We could almost sell backpacking as a luxury vacation with today’s hike.

Sean wakes up with us and ferries us to the trailhead. After Ann does a headstand on the picnic table of course.

With Sean at Big Meadow campground

Picnic table headstand

A breakfast break at Round lake features acrobatic swallows for entertainment.

Ann at Round lake

Cobblestone rock formations, wildflowers, and a giant mushroom keep us amused on the trail. Soon we’ve crossed the upper Truckee river, the headwaters of the big lake and lower Truckee.

Layered rock

Upper Truckee meadows

Giant Sawtooth mushroom

At Showers lake we dally for some swimming and sunbathing.

Ann considers a swim in Showers lake

Drying after a swim in Showers lake

We’ve now joined the Pacific Crest Trail, and we meet a few hikers who started at the Mexican border and now dream of food from Echo Chalet or a short hitchhike on highway 50 to South Tahoe. We’re not starving yet and enjoy dinner by a stream before a campsite presents itself.

Creek washing

Lit rock

Campsite near Echo pass

Welcome to the Tahoe Rim Trail cabana.

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