Tahoe Rim Trail – Monument Pass to Big Meadow Campground

The day is packed with fine trail experiences. In the morning we meet Erica, the only other hiker we come across who is also going for a full circuit, but in the opposite direction. We hope she made it! Shortly after we’re greeted by the lovely Star lake, where we enjoy a bath and a leisurely breakfast.

Star Lake

Lakeshore breakfast

Next we make a side trip up Freel peak, the highest on the rim. Big fat views abound.

Freel peak spur trail

Cliffs on Freel peak trail

Ann ascending Freel peak

Ann on Freel peak

Us on Freel peak

Freel peak lake view

Back on the TRT, we encounter giant old junipers standing guard around the trail.

Juniper guardians

Later the bark on some big red firs looks like sculpture to me.

Red fir bark

We enter a section of ridge with no vegetation except trees, which looks kind of other-worldly.

Moonscape with trees


Craggy peaks beckon from the southeast.

Interesting peaks southeast

We still haven’t made up the extra miles from yesterday. Ann’s feet are so worn out she tries running the final mile to make it go quicker. To our great relief Sean is at the Big Meadow campground with our resupply! He graciously makes a shared meal and camps with us for the night. Thanks Sean!

First resupply after dark

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