Tahoe Rim Trail – Camp Peak to Monument Pass

We’re curious today to experience the Heavenly ski resort for the first time in the summer, on foot. What we don’t know is that our planning information leaves out at least four miles between trailheads there, making a much longer day for us than we were counting on.

Any day that begins with hot coffee can’t be tooo bad, though.

Camp peak camp

Ann with coffee

After some walking we crank up the stove again for hot ramen.

Nice bench

Ann's favorite meal

It’s okay with me.


We find new trail down to the Kingsbury grade highway, despite a lady shouting bad directions. There are even some trail markers along the road through Heavenly, where we stop at the Fox and Hound for smoothies and onion rings.

Ann above Stateline

Dodge trail marker

Beyond here the ski area introduces new dangers.


I like the natural fireworks.

Flower patch

Views to the east, now into the Carson Valley, continue to intrigue us.

Carson valley

A picture can’t convey how big this red fir by the trail really is.

Large red fir

After the unplanned miles we’re unable to make it to our desired camp at Star lake, but feel fortunate to find a somewhat level spot by the hillside trail after Monument pass. Long day!

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